About Me

From the moment I was able to form a sentence, I’ve had a love and a passion for writing. It was one thing for me to read a story. To delve deep into a world from someone else’s imagination. But to be able to create a world, to form a universe that was entirely my own, offered a release that I couldn’t keep away from.

Over time, I progressed from creating a world that only lasted a few weeks to moving halfway through a novel to then completing a novel – a rather poorly written novel – and losing my way as I hit adulthood and needed to make a living. So I progressed through to work in finance, working on my writing as a hobby. A hobby based on a dream of being able to spread my stories, my works, and bring entertainment to those that need that very same release I had when I was growing up.

Now, I’ve completed my first novel. A piece that took me 4 years of hard work and persistence. And this is just the beginning of my road.

I’m inviting you to join me. Follow me. Be a part of the universes that I bring to you. Love the characters whose fates depends on you. Feel the same joy, anticipation and fear that they do. And to most of all let your imagination change these worlds I make for you from ones of words to real places in your mind. Build them from the ground up using my words as your blueprints.

Why Science Fiction?

Well… why not? I’m a firm believer that science fiction is just science fact waiting to be officially discovered – for the most part.

Add to that how science fiction is open to so many possibilities, the stories are truly endless. And, if done right, it’s a versatile genre. It can be scary, romantic, exciting and suspenseful and straight away you’ve covered most conventional genres!

So, what isn’t there to love about science fiction?

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